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Best Hotel Next to the Night Market

"Best Hotel" is the name of this licensed guesthouse located on Nathan Road just steps away from the entrance to the Night Market. After a major renovation in 2011 this modest budget hotel is located in a tower block above some professional book shops, you'll be visiting here if you are a nursing student for example Hong Kong's leading medical textbook bookshop is in the same building.

Excellently placed on the main thoroughfare and close enough to the stalls and restaurants of the night market to treat them as extensions of the hotel itself you need not look further if you are a budget business traveler, backpacker or someone who needs to occupy a small room for an extended period.

The compact double rooms with twin single beds or a single double bed offer hot water service as well as nightlights and telephones. Each room is equipped with its own window mounted air conditioner so you can adjust temperature exactly to your liking. Larger triple and quadruple rooms are also available for families and larger groups.

Each room has a modern bathroom with toilet and glass shower cubical. While working desks and flat screen wall mounted TVs are also standard.

The hotel itself starts on the 4th Floor of the building and offers both external window rooms and some internal ones for extra quite, though with the major part of the building being located on a side street off of the main Nathan Road it is quieter than typical main street hotels.  With other residential buildings around you can experience part of the real Hong Kong residential style of living while staying at Best Hotel, which includes frequent shopping and dining in the Night Market just like real local Hong Kongers.





Temple Street Gallery

Vibrant sight by day and night


Get to the Night Market

Visitors and locals alike congregate in the evenings in Hong Kong's last remaining Night Market. The Night Market at Temple Street has been a fixture of the Jordan/Yau Ma Tei district since at least the 1920s and probably before.

Today it boasts market stalls with fashions and accessories, seafood and claypot rice in traditional Dai Pai Dong restaurants, fortunetellers and tarot card readers, and Cantonese Opera singers. Nowhere else in Hong Kong is such an interesting cross section of Hong Kong culture, cuisine, commerce and society to be found.


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